Startup Mzansi is helping South Africans rediscover their entrepreneurial roots and embrace entrepreneurship as central to their national culture. By leveraging media, national institutions and social media channels and celebrating and showcasing a diverse range of entrepreneurial role models, Startup Mzansi is working to own the podium for entrepreneurship and show that entrepreneurship is for everyone.

Creating a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship requires that we reimagine the role of universities and colleges as feeders of entrepreneurial communities; cultivate entrepreneurial awareness, skills and mind-sets amongst South Africans of all ages and backgrounds; and, build an infrastructure of experiential learning principled on empowerment and giving back. As a nation, we need to celebrate and cheer on our entrepreneurs to increase their confidence and growth propensity; because their success advantages us all.



A balance of impact, profit and mission

Entrepreneurship typically focuses on identifying opportunities for creating customer value, ultimately yielding a profit for the funders and investors. Sustainable entrepreneurship on the other hand takes a slightly different perspective by emphasizing t


A new and bold vision for South Africa

South Africa requires a bold vision and a call to action for everyone to help to realize that vision through their own unique approaches, leveraging education, innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. As growing connectivity to the Internet has democr