Extracting and analysing product data from traditional retail outlets enables businesses track their products’ market share vs. competition and compete effectively.

Rwazi, a Mauritius-based data service company for developing retail markets, has officially began tracking product dynamics at traditional retail points in Africa. There is a lack of data on the retail market in Africa. Businesses need data on product movement at retail to better respond to market needs by ensuring the availability of products, offering optimum prices and produce better products. Further, multinationals seek data on key players in specific markets for partnerships and effective market penetration campaigns. However, as traditional retail accounts for 98 percent of the retail landscape in Africa, it is difficult to obtain data from such since the use of digital equipment at these retail outlets is almost non-existent.

With our mobile application, Rwazi mappers harvest information on availability, visibility, and pricing. We provide data on our customers’ products vs. competition, from both traditional and modern retail outlets. Rwazi’s dynamic, interactive dashboard delivers relevant analyses and insights, as well as predictions on product demand. Thus, businesses instantly identify new outlets to list their products, accurately measure their numeric distribution vs. competition, and predict demand – all in real-time – hence reduce over- and understocking, optimize distribution and increase market share.

Rwazi provides a solution specific for the traditional retail landscape in developing markets such as Africa, hence stands as the best means to optimize distribution. The technology is designed for compatibility with the infrastructure available in developing markets as well as user competency in these markets.
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Sandile Shabangu

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