We are entrepreneurs working together to build a South Africa for entrepreneurs and give a voice to the South African startup community.

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Startup Mzansi Ventures

Fully Online and Accessible From Anywhere In the World

What Is Startup Mzansi Ventures?

In today’s constantly changing world, we help corporations grow by connecting them with innovative startups and visionary founders. We offer a full range of venture investment services; no travel is required, we can be your eyes and ears, reporting to you on opportunities relevant to your organization’s strategic goals.

As a fully online and remote-ready organization, we specialise in digitally delivering the insights and opportunities of South Africa to the world. No matter where you are in the world, we can help your organization find the venture investment deal that will accelerate your innovation trajectory.

Why Corporations Get Involved In The Venture Business?

“We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know”

As new technologies emerge, new opportunities open up that are not yet open up to the general public, but could dramatically change markets.

South Africa Is The Main African Hub For Innovations

This is where founders, investors and corporations from around the World meet to find ideas, make investments and M&A.

Easier Disengagement

Venturing gives executives a faster way to disengage from investments that seem to be going nowhere.

Corporate Managers Can’t Innovate By Themselves

Their hands are tied with internal processes, investments from balance sheet take a long time to approve, risks of failure are high.

Venture Capital Gives Leverage To Startups

With support from VC (capital, expertise, network), startups can overgrow corporations in less than 10 years.

Industries Change Very Rapidly, So Do Their Leaders

Insights into markets disrupted in our lifetime: media/advertising, taxi, hospitality, currency, security, gaming, etc.

Our Investment Services

We Offer The Full Spectrum of Corporate Venture Services

Off-market Analytics

Find opportunities / threads that are not yet visible to the public media and research

Deal Structuring

Safe and compliant environment for the corporation to engage with startups: eliminate risks and secure future upside

Inbound Corporate Development

Inform startup community about key challenges / needs for them to present ideas and compete for partnership

Deal Monitoring

Manage relations with hundreds of current and future partners

Outbound Corporate Development

Proactively select most promising partnership targets and approach them directly

Building VC In-House VS Outsourcing to Startup Mzansi Ventures

Trying to build venture expertise in-house:

  • Unclear business outcomes
  • Uncontrolled growth of investments
  • Silo opportunity flow
  • Need for lengthy internal confirmations and approvals
  • Lack of venture experience
  • Competition for talent

Working through Startup Mzansi Ventures:

  • Clear KPIs based on 100+ similar projects
  • Optimized budget due to resource sharing
  • Structured flow of opportunities (inbound and outbound)
  • Risk and compliance management for hassle-free corporate development
  • Venture expertise with best market talent

How Does It Work?


Meeting to evaluate corporate needs and our ability to help


Initial meeting involving team members, key stakeholders, and potential partners


We prepare Strategy Proposal and review it with key decision-makers to get required support and understanding of the process and desired outcomes


Immediately after launch we track progress on a monthly basis, providing reports and finding results, analyzing feedback and adjusting accordingly


We build the team based on required set of skills, industry knowledge, geographies, cultural fit and other parameters