Startup Mzansi is building the connective infrastructure between the nodes of the business support community, creating a pan-African highway to accelerate entrepreneur growth and success.

Startup Mzansi is laying the foundations of South Africa’s entrepreneurship infrastructure through the formation of local startup communities, the development of an online platform to connect the entrepreneurship community from kasi to kasi, and the establishment of signature flagship events, programs and initiatives to reinforce the community locally, regionally and nationally.



A balance of impact, profit and mission

Entrepreneurship typically focuses on identifying opportunities for creating customer value, ultimately yielding a profit for the funders and investors. Sustainable entrepreneurship on the other hand takes a slightly different perspective by emphasizing t


A new and bold vision for South Africa

South Africa requires a bold vision and a call to action for everyone to help to realize that vision through their own unique approaches, leveraging education, innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. As growing connectivity to the Internet has democr