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Technology Research

Get Direct Access To The Latest Insights From Tech Companies And Successful Innovators

What Is Technology Research From Startup Mzansi?

Startup Mzansi works with the top minds and most innovative companies to produce and deliver key insights on emerging technologies, business intelligence and product breakthroughs.


As a fully online and remote-ready organization, we specialize in connecting the world to  African innovations. There is no longer a need to be physically present on-location. We have been based around for more than a decade, which makes us uniquely placed to digitally deliver to you all the latest insights coming out of the Africa’s leading innovation ecosystem.

Why Startup Mzansi

We work directly with exponential startups and top companies to identify real-time technology changes, actionable intelligence and collaboration opportunities, all tailored to your specific needs.

Our Research Interests

Exponential Companies

Business Models

Self-Disruption Strategy

Corporate Innovation

Disruptive Innovation

Startup Trends

New Unicorns

Inbound Marketing

Emerging Technologies

Digital Transformation

Our Technology Areas

Big Data Research

Robotics Research

Enterprise Automation


Online Marketplaces

Artificial Intelligence

Everything as a Service

Autonomous Vehicles

Business Platforms

Machine Learning

Virtual Reality

And More

Cloud Solutions

Internet of Things

Augmented Reality