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Course Development

Develop Online Courses For Your Company From Top Startup Experts

Why Develop Courses With Startup Mzansi?

Custom Designed

Every business is unique and your training courses should be too. Receive an online course tailored to your specific needs.

Latest Knowledge

Premade courses quickly become dated. Gain knowledge straight from Startup Mzansi practitioners before books are written about it.

Anytime, Anywhere

Experience the innovation of South Africa without leaving the office. Watch training courses on-demand to match your team’s schedule.

Additional Resources Included

Worksheets & Blueprints

Stimulate create problem solving through worksheet questions about presented insights. Your team will also receive strategy templates to apply presented learnings to your business.

Live Q&A With Experts

Gain additional insights by speaking directly with our experts. We record the Q&A session so you can share it with the whole team and refer back to the information shared.

Actionable Team Insights

Measure Learning Engagement

Track your team’s progress through knowledge assessments and see how often and what they are learning. Discover opportunities for more in-depth learning.

Progress Check-In Reports

We host an active progress check-in system while your team participates in the course to hold them accountable for executing next steps and give them support along the way.

Online Course Topics

Digital Transformation

Corporate Innovation

Six Sigma

New Business Models


Fundamentals of Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence in Data Management

Regulation for Autonomous Vehicles


Emerging Technologies

Change Management

Lean Startup Methodology

Innovation Culture

The Future of the Internet of Things

And More