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A new and bold vision for South Africa

A new and bold vision for South Africa

South Africa requires a bold vision and a call to action for everyone to help to realize that vision through their own unique approaches, leveraging education, innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity.

As growing connectivity to the Internet has democratized content creation for many South Africans, it is only natural that South Africa will see a rise in digital entrepreneurship amongst creative industries.

To support content creators, digital innovators and entrepreneurs, South Africa must take an inclusive approach that levels the playing field for every South African to become active participants in the new economy. It must also innovate education at all levels to provide every South African with the digital and creative skills necessary to thrive in this environment. It must connect creators with effective business and communications skills, mentorship, and a collaborative and supportive community; and, finally to stand out in a fiercely competitive digital marketplace, it must boldly tell stories of South African creators, build demand for South African content globally, and innovate funding programs for digital content creators.

This culture of inclusion in innovation, collaboration for mutual success, risk-taking and thinking outside the box for success, will make South Africa a truly creative and entrepreneurial nation in the new economy.


Sandile Shabangu

Entrepreneur on a mission to make a positive societal contribution.

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