We are entrepreneurs working together to build a South Africa for entrepreneurs and give a voice to the South African startup community.

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Startup Scouting

Find South Africa's Best Startups and Grow Your Innovation Portfolio

Accelerate Your Transformation

We perform a customized global startup search, delivering  to you the early-stage companies with the most potential to impact your business. Engage startups, learn from them, supercharge your innovation efforts and come out ahead of disruption.

Fuel Your Growth Engine

Discover and engage with world-class technology companies. We uncover strategic partners and acquisition targets that will be your growth engine for the next 2-5 years.

Don’t Re-Invent The Wheel

Thousands of startups are already innovating in or around your industry. We enable you to make smarter vendor, partnership, and acquisition decisions by finding solutions that already exist.

Master Your Industry

Understand the technologies and trends that will drive the growth of your industry and have a clear view of what bets your competition is making.

Use Our Unique Methodology To Source Startups and Emerging Technologies

Our PhD-level researchers combine primary and secondary sources of information to identify under-the-radar emerging technologies and companies. We leverage our unique networks of direct connections with venture capital, accelerators and experts in South Africa and beyond to discover the hidden gems of emerging solutions and unique expertise.