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Upskilling: One Million Startups, Entrepreneurs and Self-starters on digital platforms

Upskilling: One Million Startups, Entrepreneurs and Self-starters on digital platforms

There’s an urgent need of an open and bold discussion on national mobilization of entrepreneurialism on digital platforms.

Free technology and new global-age style mobilization of entrepreneurialism in simultaneous synchronization on digital platform while upskilling million startups, entrepreneurs, and self-starters with in a nation a new reality. New and old economies of the world commonly faced with critical challenges on improving national exports to bring foreign exchange to boost their national economy.  The problems are directly related to shortages of superior-performance-education fitting global-age demands, high quality vocational training with massive upskilling in simultaneous synchronization. Today, more importantly lack of critical thinking and complex problem solving to stand up to global standards of quality and marketable performances is more visible.

Study deeply what’s stopping national digitization amongst nations. Digital divides are nothing but mental divides; refusing to accept technology and change. National leadership and institutionalized economic development trade groups like Chambers and trade Associations are already mandated to foster vertical markets growth must come under large new umbrella to acquire special understanding on “showcasing” for global image positioning and optimizing of digital platforms of exportability.  The entire exportability and foreign exchange problem in two words, “skills and confidence” where lack of skills strip confidence to open up a new world of 200 nations. Therefore there is an urgent need of an open and bold discussion on national mobilization of entrepreneurialism on digital platforms.

In response to such challenges, Startup Mzansi Foundation’s training arm, Startup Institute (Pty) Ltd has created the SkillsApp aiming at providing startup and entrepreneurship skills for every entrepreneur. This is in addition to the already existing StartupApp, a platform that aims to connect the South African startup ecosystem. These platforms combined are part of Startup Mzansi’s strategy of digitising the efforts to support the South African startup ecosystem. Through these digital platforms, we aim to uplift thousands of startups, entrepreneurs and self-starters in South Africa and orient them on massive transformation to become successful in the building of their business ventures and entrepreneurial endeavours. We have partnered with various ecosystem stakeholders to identify 5000-10,000 startups, entrepreneurs, and self-starters, keen to expand rapidly on growth and exports and to place them on a global digital platform and train them for entrepreneurial success and exportability. This is global-age smartness in a bottle, with a straw on complex problem solving skills to allow standing up to global standards of performance and open a new world of 200 nations.

If such ideas are not funding but execution starved, who is in the game and who is not and why?

South Africa must not lose any more time and demonstrate skills to grow under free falling rains of technology and create lush gardens of high quality small and medium enterprises enjoying quality growth, these strategies call for a national agenda and deployments under new thinking… “Firing the first person for incompetence for saying they have no new funding to change and firing the next person for disorganization for saying they are too busy and have no time to change”

The Crosscurrents of Today: We believe that there is absolutely no need to wait for the arrival of The Forth Industrial Revolution; we therefore must make the jump today, to the first industrial revolution of mind, to adopt free technologies, to immediately advance on digitization and free platforms with massive training and transformation on critical thinking. Without any time to waste we should become a ‘platform economy’ and become an export champion by national mobilization of entrepreneurialism to match global demands with best quality and value creation for the 200 nations.

Facts of today: Fact One: The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets. Fact Two: The well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes. Fact Three: The entrepreneurial and hard working nations blessed with natural resources are capable of such tasks.

Realities of today: Anything and everything work-production-related is now global in nature, we therefore need to understand well on how to work and produce for the global-standards. Anything and everything technology-related is almost free, check pricelists and explore options and eliminate fears of robots. Anything and everything demanding global-age-skills-related is often critically missing, make lifelong learning mandatory across the region or nation. National mobilization of entrepreneurialism is a new art and science on digital platforms. Awaken the nation with digital platforms.

Sandile Shabangu

Entrepreneur on a mission to make a positive societal contribution.

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